Basic tip to share - Prototyping

For newbies; Before you sit down and start coding away it is always a good idea to create a layout of what your proposed application will look like and how it is navigated. There are many tools out there to help you with this process. Here are some you can look at to see what I mean.

Good idea!

Since this is posted in the Flutter Apprentice forum, I would suggest people start by replicating the Fooderlich screens, so they have a reference point to see how interactions work, etc.

Each of these tools has their pros and cons, of course.

Take advantage of any free trials and play around a bit.

Being able to visualize your app, and the screens needed, will help you write your code later.

The ProtoPie people will give you ONE YEAR FREE if you tell them you are learning on-line with this site. That’s what they did for me!