AVAssetWriter Example in Swift 4?

I want to be able to read a video file, alter some frames, and write them to a new video file. Apple’s “AVReaderWriter” example program is for Swift 2.3, and I have not been unable to get it to run under Swift 4.+. I tried using XCode 8 to get the code to Swift 3, but that did not work either. I assume they have no plan to update their example program to Swift 4, if Swift 5 is coming out next year. Any suggestions, or is video processing better documented on Android?

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Hi @xnooby,
I personally do agree with you on the lack of documentation. However, here at the Ray Wenderlich team there are many tutorials that provide as a learning and reference document. I am sure that if there isn’t a tutorial on AVReaderWriter already, request for one and you might find one from one of our talented team soon.



How do you request a tutorial be made? I am looking on the site, and Google, and don’t see any official way. or do I just post the request in the forum?

Hi @xnooby,
you can request on the forum, and then there are frequent polls on the topic of the tutorial from time to time. So if you engage with the Ray Wenderlich site, you could be able to help influence accordingly.

I can also get someone from the tutorial team to confirm.



It appears the only way to see an app in Swift 4 that uses AVAssetWriter, is to convert Apples Swift 2 example to Swift 3, and then convert it from Swift 3 to Swift 4. I guess I will go start learning Swift 2.

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