AroundCal 2 - The ingenious calendar

Hi together,

I’m happy to present my new App AroundCal 2 in this forum!
AroundCal 2 is the follower of my AroundCal calendar app. The new app is completely written in swift 4.1. It is free and can be extended via several In-Apps.

Here some features:

  • Choose either the default holiday calendar, or a holiday calendar you’ve subscribed to, so you can quickly spot those days. The holidays calendar color is used with an alpha value < 1 as background color for a holiday day.
  • Automatic appointment creation when visiting or leaving a selected contact
  • Copy or move appointments to another day.
  • Mark appointments as “done” or optionally as “in-processing”.
  • Filter by a processing status (and more with In-Apps)
  • Quickly switch between the monthly and daily view on your iPhone.
  • Turn your iPhone to landscape format and the week view is shown
  • Built-in help function

Don’t wait and pre-order AroundCal 2 in the App Store:

Landing Page:



Hi @icloudworker, congrats on the upcoming release of your app! Thank you for sharing and happy coding!


Thanks gdelarosa.

It is very interesting: My predecessor app AroundCal was mainly bought in Europe, most of the AroundCal 2 pre-orders are from the USA.

Hi @icloudworker,
Congratulations, there are some amazing concepts around calendering, I am sure that as your userbase and features increase, we shall see more amazing things. If you saw the Apple Design Awards, Agenda which was similar to Bear, which was similar to Evernote but still different, solved and added features to the same thing.



Thanks Jayant,

yes, I have great ideas for new features but follow the concept to give a calendar to the user which is not overloaded and which is easy to handle. There are some powerful calendars, but most of them have for e.g. so much user settings that its not easy to survey what is currently set.
AroundCal 2 has some features most calendars do not have, like automatic creation and modification of appointments when visiting a contact.


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