ARC Memory Management - not deallocating Objects

Hi there,

this is my first thread in this forum.
I did the following introduction to memory management, but unfortunately it is not deallocating the the objects as expected (given in the tut).
May you can help and I made a mistake.


//Why isn’t it deallocating as expected

class User {
var name: String

private(set) var phones: [Phone] = []
var subscriptions: [CarrierSubscription] = []

func add(phone: Phone) {
    phone.owner = self

init(name: String) { = name
    print("User \(name) is initialized")

deinit {
    print("User \(name) is being deallocated")


class Phone {

let model: String
weak var owner: User?

var carrierSubscription: CarrierSubscription?

func provision(carrierSubscription: CarrierSubscription) {
    self.carrierSubscription = carrierSubscription

func decommission() {
    self.carrierSubscription = nil

init(model: String) {
    self.model = model
    print("Phone \(model) is initialized")

deinit {
    print("Phone \(model) is being deallocated")


class CarrierSubscription {
let name: String
let countryCode: String
let number: String
unowned let user: User

lazy var completePhoneNumber: () -> String = {
    self.countryCode + " " + self.number

init(name: String, countryCode: String, number: String, user: User) { = name
    self.countryCode = countryCode
    self.number = number
    self.user = user
    print("CarrierSubscription \(name) is initialized")

deinit {
    print("CarrierSubscription \(name) is being deallocated")


do {
let user1 = User(name: “John”)
let iPhone = Phone(model: “iPhone 6s Plus”)
user1.add(phone: iPhone)
let subscription1 = CarrierSubscription(name: “TelBel”, countryCode: “0032”, number: “31415926”, user: user1)
iPhone.provision(carrierSubscription: subscription1)


User John is initialized
Phone iPhone 6s Plus is initialized
CarrierSubscription TelBel is initialized
0032 31415926

Now that I have added weak to the owner property it should be deallocated. But its not?
Am I missing something?

Thank you for your help!

Hi there.

I’ve ran the code myself and I’ve encountered the same issue. I believe it is to do with how playgrounds holds onto objects and how they are displayed in the UI sidebar. I’d recommend trying this code in a view controller or similar to see it working properly.

For example, I ran it in the AppDelegate’s application(_:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:) method (just for test purposes) and it printed out the deallocation messages as expected :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!



Thank you for your reply

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