Arabic storyboard

I am making an application which is both in English and Arabic language so here I made two storyboard one for English language and other for Arabic , as we know Arabic language works from RTL so I changed the constraints in Arabic storyboard so that labels or textfield should be in RTL direction but I am not getting updated storyboard. In my application some screens of Arabic storyboard are updated while other not so please let me know where I am going wrong . Is this error is due to wrong constraints?

Hi @palak_garg, sounds like it could be your constraints. Are you getting any warnings with the labels or textfields that you are using? Please let me know if you’ve tried other attempts to solve your issue.


@palak_garg Thanks very much for your question!

I am not sure I agree with the approach of using two separate storyboards, one for English, and one for Arabic. In doing so, it would be as if you are essentially creating two separate apps. I would recommend using one storyboard, and those labels/textFields which need to handle Arabic, dynamically modify the constraints based on localization. If you’ve already started your project using your approach, then ignore what I’m saying.

In your specific case, based on language selected by the user, or based on localization, make sure that the appropriate storyboard id is referenced in your code to display the appropriate language for the user.

I hope this helps!

All the best!

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