Apple Developers Program

Yesterday I enrolled for Apple Developer Program and used my friend’s credit card. Now apple asking my ID(passport). Which ID should I use my own or my friend’s? I used my own Apple ID, but when I was paying I used my friend’s name and my own address(don’t know why). Will be there any problems because of this?

I wouldn’t mess with Apple, use your Id if the account is yours. If they ask about the payment discrepancy, clarify that it was just for payment purposes.

If you are making money on the AppStore, they will ask for more than just an ID for tax purposes. And you could be pulling yourself into a rabbit hole by posing as someone else.

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Hi @azatbek.k, I would like to add to Roberto’s reply and share that Apple will ask for a government-issued photo identification in some cases. Identity Verification - Support - Apple Developer.

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