App Store Small Business Program

Hello, I have a question about App Store Small Business Program. I have accepted Paid Applications Agreement. Now, I have to answer questions in order to enroll this program. I want to ask how should I answer this question:

Do you have majority (over 50%) corporate, individual, or partnership interest in the ownership or shares of another Apple Developer Program member account?

I am individual developer who has only one account where I own 100 %. of shares. So, should I answer this question with ,Yes,?

And if I answer yes, Should I choose that I have one associated Developer Account? And fill information about it here?

Hi @dafk, Apple states that “an Associated Developer Account is an Apple Developer Program account that you own or control or an Apple Developer Program account that owns or controls your account.” I would lean towards yes regarding your question then fill out the information under “1 Associated Developer Account.”

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Resource: App Store Small Business Program - Apple Developer