App rejected in App Store because of invalid entitlements values - need your expertise

I would like your opinions/expertise on this… I submitted an app to the macOS App Store recently and it got rejected with this feedback:

Your app incorrectly implements sandboxing, or it contains one or more entitlements with invalid values… bla bla…

However, my App makes use of NSPasteboard (read and write) and IOPMAssertionCreateWithName for preventing the screen going to sleep… To my understanding, I do not need “”. Am I correct?
Am I right in assuming that the problem is the entitlements-file containing “” but without any values? So removing that “empty” key fixes the issue?


In xCode you have to check the use of sandboxing.
If i’m not mistaken they gave you a link for information about sandboxing.
Had the same issue and solved it by the given link.

Is not that hard.


sanbboxing is enabled… but I guess there is a problem with the application-groups (disabled, but empty tag in the entitlements file)…

Have you set all the right checkboxes ??

48 And have you followed the link bij Apple provided ??

Those are the checkboxes i have checked and accepted bij Apple.

My needs none of those capabilities. Sandbox is enabled, but no checkbox marked. As described in the respective guide provided by Apple.
According to the automated error message, it must be related to “”, which is again a capability my app does not need. And is disabled, but looking into the entitlements-file, I have seen there is the “” but without a value… that would match the “invalid value” error message… but I am not sure.

Enable it any way and submit again.
When it passes the testing it is good.

I don’t argue with Apple if it is necessary for my app.
When Apple want’s it thy get it :slight_smile:
Good luck.

so, turned out be in act related to a “” tag without value in the entitlements-file. I removed the complete tag from the file and re-submitted… passed.

Looks like that Xcode doesn’t clean up the entitlements-file properly in every case when adding and removing entitlements…

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