Any older version available for this book "2D Apple Games by Tutorials"

I have seen through the brief content of this book “2D Apple Games by Tutorials” at this address
I can see that the book is “Up to date for Swift 3, iOS 10, and Xcode 8.”
But my Mac is now running IOS 10.9.4 and I have Xcode 6 and Swift 2 only. I don’t think I will upgrade my Xcode right now since my Mac is quite slow.
So is there any older version of the book that support Xcode 6 and Swift back to 2 or 1? If such version of the book available then will I be able to have the both old and newest version (maybe in the future I will buy a new Mac with newest Xcode and Swift installed) And will the price 27.49$ as I read in the site be lasted for long (as it’s origin price is 54.99$)?
Thank you.

I actually bought the book.
As I can see in the download section there are 2 versions of the book and the code: version 2.0 and 1.3 of the book.
But for version 2.0 Xcode 8 is minimum and version 1.3 of the book need Xcode 7.3 and above.
Is there any older version which support Xcode 6.0?
Thank you!

Not directly. We produced a book called iOS Games by Tutorials in the year Swift came out, but replaced it with 2D iOS (later, and tvOS) Games by Tutorials last year as Apple brought out lots of new frameworks such as GameplayKit, which constituted a more significant update than the syntax update from Swift 1 to Swift 2. So, buying the current book would not buy its predecessor.