Answers to the mini exercises and challenges

I know a lot of the mini exercises are easy to do but where can i find the answers to them and the challenges…

The place to find the answers to the exercises is here! Kind of…

The deal is you do the exercises and we’re here to help you when you run into trouble. Giving the answers wouldn’t help you much but having to work them out, with the occasional nudge in the right direction, certainly will.

ok thanks for the answer i will post the few that i am stuck on for each chapter as i do them thanks

You can actually find the answers to the exercises and challenges in the corresponding and associated folder for each and every single chapter of the book. Please let me know if you have any questions or issues of any kind whatsoever regarding all of them and the whole thing and I wil definitely do my best to help you after all for sure and for good indeed. Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Is it some additional source apart from the book - corresponding and associated folder for each and every single chapter of the book, that is to be downloaded?

Or should I look for answers within context of ePub version of Apprentice? And apply my results in Playground.

The problem I have is that I’m not sure that the way I’ve applied the syntax to resolve challenge is the BEST Practice?

Yes, the folder that contains those files can be downloaded from the ⇾ “Swift Apprentice” store page.

Make sure you’re logged in, or the download option won’t be available.

Go to ⇾ “Swift Apprentice” in the Store
Near the bottom of the page:

Select download:

select All Book & Project Files (downloads :open_file_folder: Swift_Apprentice_v3)

The download is 19.5 MB

Within :open_file_folder: Swift_Apprentice_v3 you should find a folder for each chapter, with it’s corresponding name.


Within a chapter’s folder, you will find 2 folders

:file_folder: challenge - a playground file that has the author’s answers to each challenge
:file_folder: final - a playground file that is a ‘follow along’ of all the Swift code found in the chapter.

Both playground files are really helpful.
Good luck in your “Swift Apprentice” studies, it’s a phenomenal book :+1:

Rebecca! Thank you very much!