Another Shout Out To

Thanks to Ray, Brian, Mic and all the others for their great written and video tutorials. I too started learning Swift last year, and began working on an app in October of 2015. When Swift 2 and the new Contacts framework was released, I had to redo much of what I had already completed. This week my first app Call My Photo was released in the App Store: (I mainly developed this app so my kids could easily call us and their grandparents. Works great for kids, the elderly and visually impaired.)

Your video series on iCloud helped immensely. Keep up the good work. Now on to the next app.

Looks good! I see that the contacts page have list of contact pictures. Is there a navigation option to easily find the contacts? For example, if the user has a hundred contacts and is trying to call “Taylor”. Is there a way for them to search for the contact or some other way to get to the “T” section faster? I really like the idea! (Btw I haven’t installed the app yet and going by the screen shots)

No, I tried to make the user interface as simple as possible so kids could find a pic easily to call. At first, I planned on limiting the amount of contacts they could add to 10, but figured I would leave that up to the user since visually impaired people may want to have more. Once I gather all the feedback, I’ll do an update and add some additional features. 2 reasons I did this app: 1. So my kids could easily call us if they needed to. 2. So the visually impaired or elderly could use it, for example: my grandmother has Alzheimer’s and is in a nursing home. With this (hopefully) she could remember a person’s pic and call. Here’s an example of my daughter using it for the first time totally unscripted. Just gave her the phone with the app on it. Easy to use and view phone app for kids! - YouTube

If it helps a few people, it’s worth it.