Announcing the RWDevCon 2016 Vault!

The keynote speech will be coming out later on today :]

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This is great! RW is the best! Good luck to everyone.

I want this stuff :slight_smile:

Cool idea :slight_smile:

Thanks for the opportunity! :slight_smile:

This is awesome! Crossing my fingers here!

The WWDC videos are free. Why is this $99? Will there be an option to just get the videos instead of the book content?

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Would love to get my hands on all of this material! crossing my fingers!

Wow! This book looks awesome! Congrats on the release Ray. Hope I can win a copy :slight_smile:

Wow! It will be awesome.

Awesome idea, iff I win a copy!

You keep coming up with great ideas. Since I was traveling during the last conference having the materials available on the Website is a perfect solution.

Always pushing the envelope. Great work guys!

For those asking why the RWDevCon vault is paid, if some other conferences release their videos for free:

RWDevCon is not a normal conference. If you’re a speaker at a normal conference, you choose a topic, and then you’re on your own - you show up several months later with a talk. This results in talks being hit or miss.

But if you’re a speaker at RWDevCon, first you write an outline (that is reviewed by a tech editor), then a sample project (reviewed again), then do a first round practice with a tech editor, and a final practice round with me personally. Although it’s a lot of work, the end result is worth it - every tutorial is highly polished and coordinated, and attendees can walk away with new skills.

This team coordination also allows us to do some cool things that no other conference can do. What other conference can you think of with a 570 page conference book? :]

Long story short - we think you’ll find the value well worth it, and it’s a great way to reward the speakers for their hard work!

@gargoyle We won’t be selling just the videos and not the book/materials, as they’re designed to go together. For example many tutorials have a starter project that you add features to during a live demo, so you kinda need that to follow along. Plus the book contains a lab for each tutorial that you’re meant to do after the demo to get the most of the experience.

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I’ve been curious about the conference book ever since I heard of it. Would love to check it out.

I’m hoping this will be as good as being at the conference!

Great chance to see RWDevCon 2016 videos and hands on tutorials, waiting for the awesome tutorials to try out. Thanks Ray Wenderlich team.

An absolutely fabulous idea I love it!! Look forward to the next three days worth of tutorials!

Great Idea – I’d definitely like to attend RWDevCon next year.

I was hoping for something like this so that I could evaluate my attendance in the future. Thanks and good luck everyone!