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Announcing the RWDevCon 2016 Vault!

We're happy to announce the RWDevCon 2016 Vault - 24+ hours of hands-on tutorial videos, 700+MB of sample projects, and a 570 page conference book!

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Happy to know that TEAM RAY WENDERLICH is going to select winners randomly. Really great course material & great tutorials. Hats off to entire team.

What an awesome idea

Hell yeah I’m in :slight_smile: Hope I could go to SF one day though :-/

Great news, happy that al this great material is made available

Good luck everyone!!!

Great idea. Thanks for making it available.

Good luck to everyone.

That’s good idea. Well done.

Good idea,

Can’t wait to see the giveaways tutorials

That’s good idea.
I have bought “RWDevCont 2016 Valut” as soon as I see this anounce.

I have a question. Where is conference’s keynote speech?

Hope that developers not living in US can also get a chance to win.

That’s an interesting approach to sell videos from the conference when others upload them for free. Anyway, I’ll try luck for the giveaway :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone! I hope I am one of the 3 :blush:

Couldn’t make RWDevCon this year. I can hardly wait to get the materials. Awesome.

Looking forward to seeing the videos this week.

This is incredible! I was excited to hear about the response to RWDevCon and am thinking about attending next year, so this is the perfect way to see what it’s all about. :grin:

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Looks fantastic. I can’t wait to see the sessions you post in the next few days!

Nice! Great idea! Thats a ton of great and diverse materials.

Hope I will be able to attend RWDevCon next year - maybe a “Game” track again? Hopefully we will get some intersting updates to SpriteKit, SceneKit, Metal and GamePlayKit at WWDC 2016.