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What’s the difference between Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials and ARKit by Tutorials?


The company I work for has matched my personal donation to my local food bank!

I helped my friend learn and master Swift, and guess what he got his 1st iOS job last week!

I helped my GF to set up comfy workplace at home and find proper Photoshop course for her. Hope it’s the beggining of her new career=)

Spending this lockdown time teaching my son how to code and introduce him to mobile applications!

I’ve posted xcode build error on google-mobile-ads-sdk framework after pod install to google to ‘Google Mobile Ads SDK Developers google groups’. After that I solved the problem by myself and shared how i resolved to help others who would have same issue.screenshot

I bought a MERN stack course for my GF’s little brother to help him getting started to code. So that he can be prepared for his thesis next year. I also will guide him along the way.

I am currently helping my wife to become an iOS developer by studying with her at nights, after our 2-year-old daughter go to sleep

A small startup helped me a lot by hiring me and giving me my 1st iOS junior developer job! Very excited to start!

This month, I taught my teenage son how to write a simple game on Lua using the Love2D framework. And he did it! :slight_smile:

I’m delivering food to my dad and my grandma so they don’t have to risk going to the shops at the moment.

I’m so glad you updated the Core Data book to include CloudKit, thanks! I will definitely be picking that up :slight_smile:

I helped some small students (kids) teaching swift online and to get started with their coding journey.


I would like to buy bundle. But some of the books I have already purchased. Is it possible to customize bundle without impacting prize?

Prakash T

A week ago our company has closed because of pandemic and I got my working Macbook. At the same time my sister wanted one and I gave it to her. Some kind of helping each other :slight_smile:

I helped my wife who’s a elementary school teacher learn Kotlin, and now she teaches her students with small projects! Kids are the future.

My father and I have been picking up groceries for my grandparents every week when we go out (my grandmother gives us fairly long lists) and thankfully we’ve almost always been able to get everything on it. I’ve also been helping a close friend of mine learn Android development on the side :grin:.

I sent my unused apple AirPods to my niece who was without!

I saw someone IG who was delivering food to hospital workers but she wasn’t wearing a mask. I made 3 and sent them to her.

Yes I would like to know also what is going to happen with the ARKit book? Feels like this is exactly what took place with the original game programming book that got replaced by another with a new title.