Android Memory Profiler: Getting Started |

In this Android Memory Profiler tutorial, you’ll learn how to track memory allocation and create heap dumps using the Android Profiler.

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Hi thank you so much for your detail introduction. I got one questions.
Why didn’t my studio show the “Allocation Call Stack”? It only shows References when I click one of the Instant Views. You have any idea ? Thanks a lot!

Hi @leon_xia, thanks for your comments.

I think you may be using Android 7.1 or lower, so you should first enable Advanced Profiling, check the following link → Android Profiler  |  Developer Android  |  Android Developers

Also, you should click on Record memory allocations as explained in a note here →
or here Inspect your app's memory usage with Memory Profiler  |  Android Developers

hi @fernandospr thank you, but actually I’m using a device with android 10
android version
And “Enabled advanced profiling” is alse checked. Nothing worked.
Any idea about that? Thank you so much.

Hi @leon_xia, does it work for you using an emulator?

hi @fernandospr After I created an AVD, the profiler shows “no debuggable processes”, actually I have launched the Photos app. Any idea? Thanks a lot!
no processes

Please, use the projects from the tutorial. Open the starter project and follow the tutorial to profile the sample app.

This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. Thank you!