Android(Kotlin) for iOS(Swift) Developers


I’m a iOS Dev and would like to extend my knowledge with Android(Kotlin) Development.
Are there any sources for a good start of an experienced Swift developer?


@urkman If you prefer learning from books, start with the Kotlin Apprentice to learn Kotlin:

and then move on to the Android Apprentice to learn how to make Android apps:

If you prefer learning from videos, follow our Android and Kotlin learning path for beginners:

I hope it helps! :]

Hi @urkman,
Now Kotlin and Swift are both reaching a level of stability where you can code the Business logic in Kotlin and use it from Swift(iOS) and Java/Kotlin (Android).

However to start the links above from @shogunkaramazov are a good start

Another good resource right from Google is Udacity, particularly the “Developing Android Apps with Kotlin” course which is currently the most up to date. That is freely available.

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