Android Background Processing - Part 6: | Ray Wenderlich Videos

Practice what you've learned so far to create a background thread and pass data back to the main thread.

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What’s the answer to syncronize the threads? I’m dying to know.

Thanks for the question @devsm2y!

In this video, I was not necessarily talking about syncing the runnables. I was just saying that in a production app, I would combine the extraction of banner and photos both within one Runnable. I would still send them to observers using separate LiveData objects. In this challenge, I kept them separate in two different functions so that you as a student had a chance to create your own Runnable.

I hope that helps and thanks again for the question!

So in the real life, is there any way to sync the runnable results?
I mean, we can use Rx for this right now, but I got so curious watching the video, so i would like to know if is there any other way.
Thanks for reply me! Lov your videos! Connection timed out on the completed version of the application from the download materials.

also the url doesnt work via postman so theres obviously a backend issue here.

@macsimus Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]