Android Background Processing - Part 4: | Ray Wenderlich Videos

See how to create and start a thread instance using the java.lang.Thread class and a java.lang.Runnable.

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I’m following the session
when I tried to getPhotos I face the connectionException as below
Failed to connect to

Looking forward to your quick response.
Thank you so much.

Hi @dtpnhi thank you for your question! It looks the service may be down, as my browser hangs when I try to visit it. Hopefully it will be back up soon! The sample project for this course uses a JSON file from that service.

I’ve attached the JSON file that is being used. If does not come back soon, you could try to host this file somewhere else, then update the PHOTOS_URL value in Constants.kt so that it includes the route to where you host the file. Just be sure to unzip the JSON file first.

Also note that this course is being updated as we speak and a new version will be out soon! (886 Bytes)

It helps me alot. :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for your quick response.