Android Background Processing - Part 22: | Ray Wenderlich Videos

Learn how to use a notification to let your Foreground Service run on later versions of Android, including with a NotificationChannel on Android O and above.

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forground service not woking when killing app, audio not playing

Thanks for the question, ggdev. Can you provide more information to help debug the issue you’re seeing? Things like the device you are testing on, and which step in the video you are working from. Also, did you begin with the starter project for this video?

Its work on emulator but not work in Xiaomi MI 8 SE device.

Thanks ggdev. I have the app working on the emulator and a Pixel device.

I’ve read online that there are issues with MIUI killing foreground services. Please let us know if you find any solutions to the issue you’re seeing. It seems device specific. Thanks again!