Android Architecture Components: ViewModel | Ray Wenderlich Videos

Improve your handling of Activity lifecycle concerns and decouple app logic from your views with ViewModel, one of the Android Architecture Components from Google.

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Hi @macsimus I’m following your other Android Tutorial Series and all the projects use MVP and Injection, so I have a request for an Android MVP screencast or tutorial. Thanks.

Thanks vakas! We’re working on both a tutorial and screencast for MVP. Both should be available within a few weeks. We’ll also have an MVVM tutorial up soon, too. Thanks again!

That’s great. :+1: Thanks.

It will be amazing to get a complete course on architecting an android app using the Architecture Components. If you teach us building a real world android app from scratch using MVVM as the architecture and using all the new Android Architecture Components libraries it would be amazing as there is no detailed course on architecting an android app and following the best practices as mentioned by Google.

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