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I want to implement fade in & fade out animation effect to video view. what should I do

Hi yoshiboarder. Thanks for the question! You could look into using TransitionDrawable as the background of the video view. Have never tried that but it’s an option. You could also just layer a plain View on top of the video view and have its alpha animate from 1.0 to 0.0 to fade in and then back again to fade out. It’s a bit manual, but it may give you the effect you want.

Hi @ahmed56734, thanks for the question!

For episodes in which there are instruction steps, each episode has it’s own downloadable materials linked at both the top and bottom of the page. There is usually a start and final folder for each episode.

If you start with the starter project at the beginning of the course, you can usually follow along without re-downloading each episode’s code. The last episode with code has the final project for the course.

Thanks again for the question!