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Android Animation Tutorial

In this Android animation tutorial, you will learn how to use property animations to make a fun, beautiful user interface.

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Good job. Thank you :slight_smile:

Very informative article. Thank You.

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Glad you liked it! :]

Thanks! You’re welcome :]

Very nice tutorial. I learned a lot. Well paced, well organized. Nice step by step adding new items. A bit of humor without being stupid.

Thank you for such a positive feedback! :]

Thank you! I have been impressed by your speech at Kotlin Meet Up, and it was really pleasant surprise to walk this superb tutorial through and to see your name. Proud of such a talented compatriot!

You’re too kind! :blush: It’s great to hear from someone from Dnipro here! Thanks for the comment :]

Very very
good one, like your jokes , the next topic that interest me is to lead the animation in a special path, do you have any recommendation , and again thank you for this beautiful tutorial.

Thanks a lot!

If you want to move an object along the path you can use built-in Android classes: Path and PathMeasure. Here’s small demo I’ve made to help you get started: move-android-view-along-path.java · GitHub

Thanks ,it’s look fine , mlayu do you have other tutorial like the Animation ?

No other animation tutorials for Android, not as of yet. All Android tutorials are listed here.

Hi, do you know if it is possible to include animation using in the camera2 api?

Hello streek405. Sorry but I’m not sure I understand your question, can you clarify please?

Sorry, I was wondering if it is possible to incorporate animations when using the camera, by incorporating the android.animation api with the android.hardware.camera2 api?

Great :slight_smile: Thanks , Waiting for more

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Great Tutorial! All tutorials should be like this!

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Very nice tutorial and way of writing this tutorial is also good.

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@hussamaatef @sillah @manmohanpal3 Thanks a lot for your comments!! :]