Am I ready for this book?


I read until now the Book, Swift Apprentice my Question is now: Am I ready for this book?
I would really like to start programming some mini-Games, but i am not sure if i will understand this book.
So I need to know, if it is better to start with the “The iOS Apprentice” before reading this book, or if I am ready?

Thank you for your answer

PS: Sorry for my bad English

I don’t know if you’re ready, but you’re enthusiastic, which may be just as good.

The book will give you instructions on how to produce all of the games, so by the end of it you’ll have several games to play. Hopefully along the way you’ll have gained experience with all the things you learned from the Swift Apprentice and you’ll have learned how the Sprite Kit editor works too. I hope you find you do understand it, but if you do struggle, you can ask questions here, and we’ll try to provide answers. (This is also good feedback which helps us improve the books in future.)

Yes, you can do it. I had done this book last winter and it was very good for my view on how to use SpriteKit. It will open your eyes to that, quickly. Everything looks like magic until you see how things are done using the APIs, then you can do it yourself. Very cool to do it this way instead of using an engine like Unity 3D, for instance. But, counterintuitively, SpriteKit is more involved at the language-level than Unity, but you wouldn’t know without doing some tutorials for both. So, do both and see what you like!

Thank you for you answers. I will purchase it soon. If I am going finish the book I will tell you how I did with it :slight_smile: