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Alt-U iOS Apprentice Class Post-Mortem

As you may know, we recently partnered up with the folks at Five Pack Creative to create a new series of classes based on the materials you know and love at raywenderlich.com: Alt-U. Alt-U stands for “Alternative University”. The idea is simple – why pay for an expensive degree at a traditional 4-year university, when […]

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Expecting to simply validate what I had already learned from some of the books and tutorials I’ve studied from raywenderlich.com and elsewhere, I enrolled in the first iOS Apprentice class offered in Dallas. Right out of the gate Day 1, I knew my investment would pay off! They may call it a beginner class, but it was time to buckle up! The motivated Five Pack Creative team jumped right in with best practices covering both “how” and “why”. They showed us many of the tools they use and lots of demos that helped solidify concepts being covered. We dove deep into Swift and iOS. All the trainers were eager to provide individual help if needed. At the end of the week, I walked away with far more than my initial expectation. It was a great week and I have to agree with Ray, the food was indeed excellent! :wink: