Already some method not found switching from alpha10 to beta01

as stated there are some issue when moving from alpha10 to beta01 : some classes are not found (eg. LifecycleOwnerAmbient).

I guess some update is needed. When will you update your repo, or at least some branches?
It’s not easy to understand things when nothing is compiling :slight_smile:



Try LocalLifecycleOwner

Hey @albertocappellina!

We’re currently in the process of updating the book (sorry for the delay in answers).

We should be pushing a beta compose-version of the book soon, so stay tuned! :]


I am doing work with Kotlin Multiplatform and keep having issues with Navigation, esp since beta08 is out. It seems silly to buy the current book. How can I get a version of the updated book while you are still writing it?

Hey @jamesblack975 !

The book is not aimed at Kotlin Multiplatform users, but rather Android app developers. And in terms of the alpha → beta update, the update has been live for weeks now!