Advanced Swift 3 - Part 4: Protocols and Generics | Ray Wenderlich

This video reviews generics and shows you how to make them more specific with protocol constraints.

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Hi, i appear to be getting some technical issues. I’ve tried a few videos and it’s happening on all of them

Hello! I was curious as to the decision for using:
!zip(lhs.shapes, rhs.shapes).contains {!$0.isEqual(to: $1)} instead of:
zip(lhs.shapes, rhs.shapes).contains {$0.isEqual(to: $1)}

Don’t they evaluate to the same?


Nvm figured it out! Thanks

Can you build an app that stays in the background so that when the correct Bluetooth device is close by, it will automatically connect without relaunching the app?

@coley396 You have asked your question in the wrong thread by mistake: your inquiry is iOS related and this is an advanced Swift video course’s thread.

Please go ahead and post your topic on the iOS category page over here instead when you get a chance in order to get proper help with it:

Thank you! :]