Adjacency groups - Tiles get erased instead of painted

I created the group with all the tiles in their correct spot page 319-322 but when I go back to GameScene.sks and attempt to paint the tiles the adjacency group erases what was there while the original two tiles paint like they always did. I obviously missed something…

Hmm. By default, the adjacency group will paint up to 9 tiles at once – the tile where you click and the 8 edge tiles surrounding that tile. It will paint over the other tiles that aren’t in the same adjacency group. Perhaps this is what you are seeing?

If you want more precision, you can go to the Attributes Inspector and untick Enable Automapping. That will allow you to place the different pieces of the adjacency group individually.

Turning off enable auto mapping and painting one tile at a time worked fine. I then turned back on enable auto painting and it now works the way it is supposed to. Of course rebooting my system overnight and a fresh load of XCode may also have had something to do with it.

I did not try to paint with enable on when I first went into the application.

Cool, glad to hear it is working!