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Using Webhooks to access data from a popular site such as Strava inside an iOS application

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Hi Spiro,

Thank you for creating this video! Prior to finding this video, I could not find any code examples or tutorials online.

I am building a mobile app using Realm Cloud and I plan to integrate with Eventbrite. I’d like to utilize webhooks in order to be notified when new events are created so that I can call the EventBrite API to get the new events and store the details in my database.

Can you please take a look at my stack overflow question and give any guidance? I’m a bit lost at the moment. Webhooks seem so powerful, but are very tricky to setup.

You may need to implement middleware to handle the webhook. In the screencast, I have a NodeJS server that handles the webhook. If you follow in the example, you can see that once the webhook kicks off I have a function that performs some logic in the app. In your case you’d want that logic to do something to your realm database — like add or modify a record. Hope that helps!

Hi Spiro,

Thank you for the reply! So, in my use case, are you saying it will be necessary to also set up a NodeJS server and open a websocket (or some similar middleware) to receive the incoming request from EventBrite and then take that updated data and store it in my realm db? There’s no way to avoid middleware here?

I really appreciate your help here.

@smifsud Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

that’s right – you’ll need something to handle the web hook that resolves online, otherwise the web hook won’t know where to post its notification. hope that helps. let me know if you still need clarification!