Accepting payments

I am writing an iOS app to mimic the functionality that I already have on my website. The website does not sell products. Instead, it sells services that are consumed over the phone or chat in realtime. In order to purchase these services, the user can either add credit using a credit card or PayPal. I have no idea if I am breaking Apple’s mobile payments policy and thus would be rejected if its included in the app or not. I read the terms of service but its not clear. I also sent a message to the Apple Developer Support but they are not help, only redirect me back to their terms or service.

Please advise!

Apple basically has two kinds of payment system. There’s In-App Purchasing, and there’s everything else (credit cards, debit cards, Paypal - regular financial transactions). If the user buys something they use in the app, e.g. an expansion pack of new levels for a game, you use In-App Purchasing. If the user uses a shop’s app to buy t-shirts, or uses a airline company’s app to buy a flight, as they would from a website, that’s not In-App Purchasing.

The service you’re providing is already available from a website, and I assume that the user could log in to top up their credit from a desktop machine, an iOS device, an Android device, etc., without expecting any difference in services. It doesn’t sound as though your app would use IAP - you’d be fine with credit card or Paypal services for credit top-up.

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