About The flutter Apprentice Book

Hello Everyone, I’m new to flutter and I started learning it from the book ‘Flutter Apprentice’ I have just finished the chapter 3 of the book but I have a problem, the book while you are building the apps proposed there they directly give you the code to copy it instead of introducing each widget and it’s properties now I find my self a little bit confused I still don’t have a full understanding about widgets and I still code some simple apps, should I continue learning from the book and things will get clear in the coming chapters or should I look for another source to learn the framework
Thank You!

Our apologies for the delay in responding to your question @amoxe.

Chapter 3 is the first chapter in Section II: Everything’s a Widget. As your progress through the remaining chapters (4-6) in that section you’ll learn more about widgets and how to use them. There is a lot of detail in those 140 pages.

I hope this helps!

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