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Hi @mandafrederick,
Can You get up link to the source files for the printed book, please ?

The one visible in the book is inactive → www.raywenderlich.com/store/data-structures-and-algorithms-in-kotlin-sourcecode/Forums

Hello @mandafrederick

I was going through this book and I think I have found one mistake in the Deserialization section of the Binary Tree chapter.


In the first code snippet, it says

fun deserialize(list: MutableList<T?>): BinaryNode<T?>? {
  // 1
  val rootValue = list.removeAt(list.size - 1) ?: return null

Seems like this rootValue should be list.removeAt(0) ?: return null because after this instructions said In the other deserialize function, find the removeAt(0) call and change it to list.removeAt(list.size - 1):

And thanks to the authors for this awesome book, I’ve been going through it the last few days and everything is crystal clear! Good job.