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These are the official forums for the 3D iOS ames by Tutorials, our book on making 3D iOS Games with Apple’s built-in Scene Kit API.

This is the place to ask any questions you may have about the book. We hope you enjoy the book! :]


Hi Ray,when can we expect this book to be available in store for purchase? Can’t wait to get my hands on this!


Hi Ray,

another page on the site says that this book is coming in Mar 2017. Is that correct? or did it mean to say 2016?


Thanks, I really am looking forward to this book

can’t find it anywhere yet, but this 4 hour old trailer says it’s available now, so it’ll probably be available in the coming days. I hope some dutch site will sell it.

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Where did you find the trailer?

I follow their youtube channel.

Hey Ray,
I went to the RWDevCon a couple of weeks ago. How do I go about getting my access to the electronic copy of the book and the source code? Sorry about the impatience! :wink:

Hi Ray

I bought the tutorial but I can’t download it.
Is it already avalaible?
It doesn’t appear in My Loot

hi ray, i really enjoyed your book on scenekit! i learned a lot from it and am writing my first 3d ios games as we speak. i do still have a number of questions though and would like to get to know a lot more on scenekit programming. do you have plans for a more advanced set of lessons or book in the near future? or do you otherwise know where i could get more info on more advanced topics?

Hi Michiel,

We’re extremely happy to hear that you enjoyed the book. You’re talking to the RW-Team here, there’s always something cooking on the stove. :]

To make the guessing game a bit easier for us; which advanced topics would you like to see?

Good luck with your 3D iOS games, let us know once you got them published, we would love to see the fantastic work of our readers.

hi chris,
thanks a lot for your email.
i started with your great book on 2d ios games. it resulted in my
first published game: “blast radius space”. it’s not promoted in any
way (yet), i see it as my first test game. hope you like it.
i am now working as i wrote on my first 3d game. although i seem
to be able to find a workaround for all the issues i have it would
be ao. good to get more in depth knowledge on topics like:
-importing dae files, textures
-handling good collision detection in general and on dae models in particular
-animated dae files and how to handle them
-physics joints
-texture handling in code (repeating textures, different textures on different sides of a model etc)
-guidance and best practices in optimization (not really clear what uses most processing power for instance)
-there seem to be quite a number of bugs in scenekit, and some unexplainable freezes when using the particle system.
would be great to know about “known bugs”. that would save a lot of time trying to figure out what went wrong.
-and maybe most important, more source code. by reading code i’ve learned most i think. maybe it would be an
idea to write a book about one complex and big game instead of multiple small ones.
anyway, thanks again for all the help you guys have been giving me so far!


I bought the book, but it is not translated into swift 4, as it advertised on the web … Is there a new version?

There is a new 3D AR Engine for iOS available called Emcore3D , www.emcore3d.com. It is native, fast and lightweight, so no need to use the bulk of Unity.

There is a free trial available if you want to test it. Integration is super simple and it allows you to throw a 3D model into AR in no time.

Emcore3D features include - Multiple shaders per scene, optimised session and memory management, OBJ & FBX support, scale, shadows, proximity triggers.

You can even augment 3D models and environments with image, video and audio content - all served from your own CDN.

Download now at www.emcore3d.com

Why The World Needs A Super ‘3D-AR Engine’


So is this book abandoned? Or has Apple abandoned this framework? Do most people just go with Unity instead or Unreal engine? Have the sales of this book not warranted an update?