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I must say as I read the online fourth app and the discussion about poorly written apps that use synchronous network communication I was just astounded. I look through many apps out there and found this was the case!

I mean really? In the 80’s I wrote network code before internet yes http and forget https that was asynchronous so our apps could handle tens if not hundreds of requests from real time data to other types of connections. UNIX is a great thing then just handled so well these days if you know what you are doing.

Clearly from the book content and my research there are so many developers that lack the knowledge to develop asynchronous apps. Not just network but anything requires asynchronous process.

This is a sad indictment of our development community when they don’t understand such a fundamental concept.


Hi @kary993,
Good observation, however what do you recommend? A larger population also doesn’t understand the difference between Your and You're or then and than.

If you would like help change this and shed some light/enlighten the same, please pitch your ideas, write a blog, share tips, etc



I think we should let them write bad apps and ours on the app store will do well :wink:

Seriously though, I agree with you. Educate educate educate is all that can be done. It is just so amazing how this/these generation(s) of developers do not understand fundamental computer science concepts…

I’m regularly struck by that thought. I’m amazed at the giants whose shoulders we stand on.

@kary993 Your observation is actually quite accurate, but I do wish to point out that this is the case in ALL fields!

Think about it:

Not all doctors are amazing, not all lawyers are competent, not all teachers now to teach, not all athletes are superstars, and of course, not all programmers know their fundamentals :slight_smile:

Trust me when I say this, I’ve seen code that’s so bad, I’ve wondered if it was done on purpose, since no one could possibly have LEARNED how to code this badly. It is also why good quality is so distinct from mediocrity. It is noticeable. It is for this reason, people are willing to pay so much for quality.

What I would recommend is to ensure that you’re not guilty of the very thing you criticize others of. Ensure that you recognize your own limits, your own shortcomings, and are then able to target them to make sure you become proficient in those areas, instead of remaining weak. See it as an opportunity to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack!

I hope this helps, and thanks for sharing!

All the best!

I appreciate your comments, and will certainly keep my side of the street clean.

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