A strutured way to organize and work my data

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I’m writing a iOS app to take care about local motorcycle race events. Each event have 3 stages and about 50 pilots. I’ve defining a structure for pilots data (name, lastName, number, etc), and working on import them from a CSV file. In each stage, pilots will get a startTime and stopTime, to compute the elapsed time on the individual stages (I’m using DateInterval for this). But I don’t have enough knowledge to decide the better way to work with all the data in a decent way, to get the final results. And I’ll need to export the event data (stages, pilots, individual times, results) in a CSV file too. I’m don’t asking for code examples so on, what I’m asking for is high level sugestions about a way to work with my data. I don’t have enough experiency to decide or to try too much.

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The timing of your question is amazing! I honestly believe the correct solution for your problem is to use Core Data. To me, it sounds like the ideal way to have your data persisted in your app if it already exists in a csv file. We just released a new, updated tutorial on how to work with Core Data here.

Once you know how to use Core Data, your next task would be to iterate through your csv file, and import the data into Core Data. We have an older tutorial here which shows you how to do that. Though the tutorial is a bit dated, the concepts should still be the same.

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