A question about updates before release

I’m just curious, a part of the book says vapor currently only supports SQL databases. Fluent git page says it works on both SQL and noSQL databases. And following through the book using the command vapor cloud deploy, and selecting to use a database, we get a option for mongoDB, looking up their website you can see this page with a basic set-up: https://docs.vapor.cloud/database/mongodb/

I really liked that the book (so far) has included methods for both postgreSQL and MySQL, but I really believe it would be more valuable if it was teaching both a SQL (postgre) and noSQL (mongo), I don’t see much value in learning two databases that work basically the same way.

Since the book is still on early access, is there any chance we can get updates teaching how to use both kinds of databases before release?

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@andrekilik there are plans to add a MongoDB section to the database chapter but there is no Vapor 3 integration with Fluent. If it lands in time I’ll add it to the book!

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