8192 Number Puzzle - 2048, 4096 and 8192 Puzzles

8192 Number Puzzle for the iPhone and iPad, with new default mode, 6x6, 7x7 boards, Colorful themes are enabled and a lot more features.

8192 Puzzle game is a Premium version for 2048 game, A very simple puzzle game with additional features. Swipe the and match same tiles, when two tiles with the same number or same alphabets or elements are matched, they will merge into one, doubling the number, next alphabet or element on new tile on the board. The Game goes on until all tiles are get filled or you make it till the last number 8192 or Z or the last universal Element Zr depending upon the game mode.

What’s Unique in 8192 Number Puzzle?

Its 3-5-7 Get Set and GO. . .

◄Choose From 3 Different Game Modes►
◄Choose From 5 Different Boards►
◄Choose From 7 Different Color Themes►

This 8192 puzzle game includes the default “8192 Mode” along with two other modes, designed to challenge your sharp reflexes and quick-response ability.

Amazing Game Features:
► Beautiful yet simple UI
► High scores and leader boards
► Three unique game modes
► Five board sizes
► Seven beautiful themes
► Easily sharing with friends
► Game Center

Game Modes:

Classic 8192 Mode:
► Join the similar numbers, double them 4,8,16,…1024…get to the 8192 tile!
► It is working on 2x2 Binary!
► When ever a ‘8192’ tile is created, the Player wins!
► You can also enable ‘8192’ as final winning tile!

English Alphabets Mode:
► Swipe same alphabets to get the next alphabet on tile.
e.g. match A with A to give B, and so on …
► Get to the ‘Z’ tile to win the game!

Universal Elements Mode:
► Match periodic table elements, Swipe and match to get the next element listed with in the table.
► When you swipe and match Hydrogen with Hydrogen it gives Lithium
e.g. H x H = Li and so on…
► Get to the ‘Zr’ i.e. Zirconium finally to win the game.

Five different Board sizes:
► Challenge yourself without getting board or stuck.
► 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7 tiles boards are also available

Seven Color Themes:
There are 7 different beautiful color themes to play with without getting bored, namely

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