36-URLSession: can't merge branches, tree conflict

I completed CH36 and started the last part of merging the code back into master through Xcode. When I get the contextual menu and choose “Merge from ‘urlsession’ into ‘master’…” after I select merge from the dialog box I get the following error:

The operation could not be performed because of one or more tree conflicts.
The file UIImageView+DownloadImage.swift had a tree conflict.

Any thoughts as to what is causing this? Up until that everything was going great. I have not tried to do a manual merge through the terminal yet.

Without actually seeing the status of your project and knowing if there is an issue or not, I can’t really tell you what is going on. If you want to upload a copy of your project folder as a ZIP file and provide a link, I can always take a look and see what is going on.

Otherwise, your best bet might be to use an external GUI git tool like SourceTree and see what that app says when you try to merge the code.

I used SourceTree and looks like there was no issues with a merge. I opened xCode and ran the app and seemed to be just fine in the simulator and the master branch had the files from the merge.

Maybe you can see something from the files?

I created a ZIP file before the merge. I is located HERE.

If there was no issue with merging via SourceTree, then the issue was likely with Xcode. Xcode is fine for basic commits but it seems to get a little temperamental when you get to more complicated operations. This was how it was during the Xcode 9 betas as well and so, I generally do not use the Xcode Git integrations myself.

Will check the source when I have a moment and get back to you if I notice anything, but my feeling is that the issue is with Xcode and not your source.

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