3 Chapter - Incorrect work of emojies in multiple IDEs

Hello, just bought your book.

I’m unable to input emojis in VS code or Android Studio. It shows only raw “td” characters. What could be the reason for it? I reread the entire chapter there is nothing that indicates this possible issue.

What’s the problem? Can you please give me a hint?

Much love.

Welcome :wave:

What operating system are you using?
And what keyboard language do you have set?

Windows 11.

English, Russian keyboard languages.

What are “td” characters? Can you post a screenshot? I’m working on the new Dart Apprentice books so if this is a problem we can solve now I may add some explanation.

Screenshot 2022-07-09 203738

In this case for example I want to use flag of Ukraine.
I will not see emoji but instead it will show me UA.

Copied from https://emojipedia.org/flag-ukraine/

Windows 10 and 11 do not support country flag emojis. See: Microsoft Answers - Flag Emoji

I tested on Windows 11 using VS Code, and like you, had UA for :ukraine: .
Chrome and Firefox display the flags, as they use Google and Twitter emoji libraries for that purpose.

To resolve:

  1. Download the Noto Color Emoji Font for Windows - noto-emoji/NotoColorEmoji_WindowsCompatible.ttf at main · googlefonts/noto-emoji · GitHub
  2. Open the downloaded file in the Windows Font Viewer and click install
  3. Add the font to the end of the Font Family setting in VS Code, for example Consolas, 'Courier New', monospace, 'Noto Color Emoji'
  4. Restart VS Code

I’ve added a note to the new book Dart Apprentice Fundamentals to address this issue. Thank you, Laura, for addressing it.