1BitDiary - Alternative way of writing a diary


I’ve always wanted to build the habit of writing a diary on a daily basis. I never succeeded. I just couldn’t sit down every night in order to write a page or two. It’s just too much of an effort.

So, instead of writing a big pile of text once per day, 1BitDiary aims toward adding diary entries piece by piece during the day. As soon as something noteworthy happens or you have a thought you want to write about, just open the app and start typing.

I designed the app to minimise the time and effort needed to create a new entry. There is no complicated interface, you don’t even have to press a button to add something. You just swipe up your entry to save it. Personally, I find it easier to build a habit this way. It’s a matter of seconds to add something to the diary.

If you want to read your diary, you can easily do that, as long as you know the secret touch location, which kind of acts as a password replacement (I will add password protection later). The screen that contains all of your diary entries has a powerful filter functionality. You can search for days, months, years or text. I’m currently working on adding even more filters.

It’s a simple app. It’s not revolutionary. It just helped me consistently writing a diary during the day. And I wanted to share it. Maybe it will help someone. The app is free and does not have any ads.

Link to the App Store: 1BitDiary on the AppStore
(There will be an update in the upcoming weeks with bug fixes and new features :slight_smile:)

Also, I really appreciate any kind of feedback :slight_smile: It helps making this app better