1. CGPathMoveToPoint' is unavailable: Use move(to:transform:) 2. 'CGPathAddLineToPoint' is unavailable: Use addLine(to:transform:)

I have created one of my application in swift 2 in Xcode 7.3.1. But now I have open same application in Xcode 8.0 and perform changes. Some automatic changes are done and some errors and suggestions shown I have corrected them. But I am facing issue that

let path = CGMutablePath()
CGPathMoveToPoint(path, nil, lineFrame.midX, lineFrame.midY)
CGPathAddLineToPoint(path, nil, lineFrame.origin.x + lineFrame.width / 2, lineFrame.origin.y)

I tried to create path, but shows error that

CGPathMoveToPoint is unavailable: Use move(to:transform:)
CGPathAddLineToPoint is unavailable: Use addLine(to:transform:)

If anyone have solution, please let me know.

“Dude where’s my call?” is about exactly this - even uses the functions you need!

Basically what happened is the “Great Renaming” - you can read about it is more detail on Github here and here.

Finally… :relaxed:, I have find solution :

let path = CGMutablePath()
path.move(to: CGPoint(x: lineFrame.midX, y: lineFrame.midY))
path.addLine(to: CGPoint(x: lineFrame.origin.x + lineFrame.width / 2, y: lineFrame.origin.y))

And also And check the latest reference of CGMutablePath: