Why PDF file dont have bookmark panel

why there is no bookmark panel ,which contain table of content, so we can select which chapter we will go to ? it is not convenient currently.


@yangwulong1978 The team is fixing the tool that generates the table of contents for all the books on the website. It should work again soon. Thank you!

Hi, the 2nd Ed of the Data Structure and the Design Patterns books are still without ToC.
It’s very hard to navigate.

There is a table of contents, but sadly, the links aren’t clickable.

This is a limitation of the tool that’s used to generate the books. However, the RW team is working on updating this tool!

Hopefully in the near future, there will be clickable links. :]

If you use Acrobat Reader, you can jump to page by Shift + CMD + N (for Mac)
I navigate around using this shortcut