Using AWS as a Back End: The Data Store API |

In this tutorial, you’ll extend the Isolation Nation app from the previous tutorial, adding analytics and real-time chat functionality using AWS Pinpoint and AWS Amplify DataStore.

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Thank you very much for the tutorial. I have followed the tutorial, But I observe that the Sync is not happening.
Tried to turn off the wifi on my Mac - adding couple of replies in the simulator, turned on the wifi - sync didn’t happen. Tried to logout and login - didn’t work either (expected with out doing that of course) . Appreciate your kind support. I personally couldn’t find any issue with the code. Not sure if I am missing anything here. Have you tested the offline data Sync up yourself as you haven’t talked about it in the tutorial I guess.

Dear tomelliott,

Thanks for your wonderful tutorial! Could you please update the data model (GraphQL) to v2? I found it really difficult to migrate from v1 to v2.