The Final Challenge

Did you make it through the entire course? If so, I’d like to give you one final challenge:

Add one new feature to Bull’s Eye.

The feature can be big or small. Be creative with it, and take this as an opportunity to practice some of the things you learned in the course.

Please post a screenshots of your new feature here - I’d love to see what you dream up. :]

I have created a “Color” Bull’s Eye app :slightly_smiling_face:

The user has to move the RGB sliders to try to match the color on the left rectangle view. The user can also change the difficulty through the Segmented Control on the top of the screen. The “easy” mode already randomly presets two of the sliders… the “moderate” mode randomly presets one of the sliders… and the hard mode leaves all the sliders to be set by the user.

Great course! Really enjoyed it.



@pasquinijr That is such a great idea! Seems like a great way to learn about color too. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for the feedback and for your tutorials!

I took the application and added a multiplayer mode supporting two (2) players. Once “Dolo” is selected, the application installs two player labels and removes the default score one.

Turns are indicated by the labels switching from green to default white. Once a player reaches the default target score of 1000, then an alert generates with the player that won.


@tarrell13 I love the idea for multiplayer mode! Great addition.

I changed the game play a bit so each game lasts 10 rounds and at the end of 10 rounds you have a total score. I used UserDefaults to persist this so the high score is displayed and remembered between app launches.


(oh yeah, I also took some liberties with your design :wink: . And also changed the scoring (which I display in the instruction screen)

Nice job Mike! I like the idea of persisting the high score. :smiley:


Looks awesome! I like the ‘dark mode style’ theme there.

I added a second, vertical slider that calculated score based on distance to the dot, changing the game from one-dimensional to two.


Welcome to the community @mattlarsen! The vertical slider is pretty cool! It definitely adds to the game. Thank you for sharing your screenshot. :smile: