Sharing Core Data With CloudKit in SwiftUI |

Learn to share data between CoreData and CloudKit in a SwiftUI app.

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Per “In this tutorial, you’ll explore how to update an existing Core Data and CloudKit app to share data and invite users to contribute to the data in your app.” -

Is there a tutorial for the existing app?


I’ve gotten to the step where I’m testing the accepting of a share invitation, but my results don’t match what’s happening in the explanation. Instead, the receiver gets an error when try to accept that says, “Item Unavailable: The owner stopped sharing, or you don’t have permission to open it.” As well, I notice that in the participants list at the bottom of the Destination, the name appear to be that of the sender, rather than the receiver. Not sure if that’s normal or not.

Any ideas what I’ve messed up?


Actually, that seems to have just been an issue when I tested it with a simulator on the receiving end. Switching to a physical device on both ends seems to have done the trick.

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I faced an issue that I can’t find the record type in cloudkit dashboard while all things setup properly.

Solved by deploying to a physical device.

It just doesn’t work on simulator.

Thanks for this great tutorial, which I’ve gone through mostly with successful results when making the instructed changes to the starter project. Sharing works great between two devices using different Apple IDs. Only problem is that upon modifying share permission options, the changes don’t reflect in the app until I restart the app. How can I fix this?

Thank you very much for your Sharing Core Data With CloudKit in SwiftUI tutorial.
I need your help!.
Faced the problem of lack of access to the object.
Access works on different devices with different Applieds when installing the application via Xcode.
But when publishing the application in Apstore, access does not work.
Please advise how to fix this problem?
I will be very grateful to you for your help!
It’s a shame that the application people need cannot be used in real life!