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RxSwift: Reactive Programming with Swift Updated for RxSwift 3.4

We’re excited to announce that RxSwift:Reactive Programming with Swift has been updated for RxSwift 3.4!

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@crispy8888 Is this update only for the PDF book owners? I was thinking of getting the paperback version from Amazon. Any thoughts?

@crispy8888 Thanks so much for this update… Things are moving very rapidly with RxSwift community development though :slight_smile:. And it seems that the current version has now advanced to 3.5…

So, I think some clarification would be helpful. Because, when when we follow the instructions verbatim on page 40 (steps 1…5) and 41(pod update); the actual version that is being installed is 3.5 (not 3.4). Are the book projects actually supposed to work out of the box with RxSwift 3.5.0; or do we need to change something how we install and configure the projects in the chapters?

I am having significant problems, as I explained in this thread, and I am trying to troubleshoot the issue. I am only at the beginning of the chapter 2. But I cannot get the playground to work at all…

Would you be kind enough to clarify RxSwift version 3.4 vs 3.5 discrepancy?

There are newer minor updates to RxSwift coming out every now and again - we do not specifically update the complete book to address each minor update to RxSwift since those are supposed to be backwards compatible.

I would recommend you to buy the digital version of the book - if you do so you would have access to all updates.

Marin, Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. Therefore, I will assume that my problem has nothing to do with the RxSwift progression to version 3.5.

However, there is this major issue (please follow the link below). At this point, I am stuck and shut down and disabled from doing any further development work:


I would truly appreciate any help you can offer, since I have only just started reading the book…

perhaps @scotteg who created the project for that chapter can help out?

Thanks for your swift reply :slight_smile: … I PM’ed @scotteg , I hope he will find a moment to point me in the right direction. In the meantime, I will keep searching this and other forums to figure out what’s going on. It really is urgent.

Is it worth of buying this book and is it really helpful

you can try the next chapter, it does not use playgrounds

Thanks for the suggestion @icanzilb. I am working with @scotteg and I hope we can figure out why Xcode with Playgrounds with CocoaPods are so fickle and fragile when setting them up to play nice together. Also, I do love working linearly with the book according to the progression of knowledge, from basic to intermediate to more advanced concepts. But I suppose I will try to take non-linear working approach if the chapter 2 examples don’t work…

@lohanrakesh, if you want to learn Reactive Programming in Swift, then this book is the only game in town. :slight_smile:… The book is well written, well structured, it is hands-on and reasonably comprehensive. Clearly, the RW authors know the RX programming paradigm inside-out and upside-down. And if I’m lost or have a brain-freeze (as just happened recently), then I can get excellent support from the authors right here in this forum.

For those few exceptional programming books that I really like and refer to often I tend to buy both PDF and paper copies… I suppose it would be awfully nice if the RW team considered some discounting (a solid marketing strategy) to encourage the practice. I’m not done with the PDF version, but I’m considering buying the paper copy on Amazon as well…

One note: this book assumes that you are well versed with iOS and Swift. It’s not for complete beginners.

(BTW, I am in no way affiliated with RayWenderlich team, and nobody has paid me to write the above :slight_smile: … Just a fan. :v: )