Raywenderlich.com Abandoning Swift

Look at the topic of the article (right lower corner)!

It is enough to be afraid of there is a true point that joke :smiley:

He he he … I would like to check this article tomorrow … #1stApril #AprilFool

loll you almost got me, nice april fool!

What? You’ve got to be kidding. I love Swift… It is not that I didn’t like Objective-C, but for me It has been a fantastic 2 years of discovering great way of doing things. Ok… I give you the option of doing in both languages, but don’t leave Swift. And I don’t use mustache… LOL… :wink:

There is more → Apple's Mac OS X Is Open Source Now - It's FOSS

Funny… But I actually decided at the beginning of the week to do this until Swift 3.0 and I can get a stable ABI.

I completely felt for it. You guys are great. Continue your good work, we completely appreciate you guys.

If this is a April Fools joke, The Joke is on the people still using Swift.

Please…post this again tomorrow. ;p

Signed: Happy for one day

Obj-C rulez !

I was hoping you would go back to AppleSoft BASIC. That was the bomb! :wink: Good times! :slight_smile:

Well done. Not only was this funny it does highlight the minor inconviences of changing to a new language. I never thought it would be good to give up Swift but somedays I felt like it. Fortunately I could always go to raywenderlich.com and find a rewrite that explaned it all. Merci beaucoup. (another language I am working on)

I cannot believe that I actually believed and worried!!!

I was pi*****! I just bought two books that are in the mail on Swift. I just shouldn’t read the internets on today’s date.

I knew it was april 1st, But Reading this still gave me shivers up my spine
I used swift the day they released it at WWDC 2014 since i believed it was and still is better then Obj-C

Great joke lol

@rwenderlich is it really an April Fool? !!! :wink:

I was about to cry :joy:

Hei Ray,

for me this is a great news. I’m sorry for everybody who love this language, but found great tutorial and don’t understand for a code that continue to change in syntax, I regret a little.

however, if I can give you a hint for the future, if you want, in the place where is the code you can put a button to switch between Objective-C and swift. So both developers love to objective-c and those who like swift can benefit from the work of the Raywenderlich’s community.

what do you think about it?

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Swift is great. Most ios dev jobs are still in objc though far as I can tell. Anyhow, how far can you really get as an iOS dev just knowing Swift? Nobody would take you seriously. It’s a bilingual platform and will be for years to come.

Good one. My first thought after reading the title: “That’s unfortunate. Now how do I cancel my subscription.” Swift is amazing.