Part 14: Different Screen Sizes

Welcome, this is a thread for collaboration, questions, and feedback on Part 14 of the iOS Apprentice Email course.

Here’s a download for the project to use at the beginning of this email: (792.5 KB)

Here’s a download for the project where it stands at the end of this email: (794.1 KB)

Amazing course, Ray!

Here’s a github repo, should any of starters need in the future :slightly_smiling_face:


@dragstor Thank you for sharing this - much appreciated! :]

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My pleasure! Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Hi, friends!

Please, how can I get in the device configuration pane (under the canvas of the Xcode 11) IPhone X???!

By the way, when I run the app in the IPhone X simulator there are white stripes on the sides:


Is that right?

That is, the app looks normal only on Iphone 8 and SE. But not on an Ipad, for example.

@joebradley Do you still have issues with this?

I beat it. But it is unclear how. ))

Hi There,

maybe I am the only one having that issue. In order to use the WVWebKit class I had to include the lib into the project settings (WebKit.framework added two Link Binary with Libraries in Build Phases section). Found this quickly by googling the error. I didn’t find that hint in the so far very very detailed course material (this is really a great course). In case this is missing please add this for people who use their own project from start and do not jump into the press-up project per session. Thx Uwe


I had the same issue as well.

Under Build Phases, Link Binary With Libraries, I added WebKit.framework.
Afterward, the web view loaded properly.

@ukaeufe @abepark Thank you for sharing this - much appreciated!