Part 1: Hello, World!

Welcome! This is a thread for collaboration, questions, and feedback on Part 1 of the iOS Apprentice Email course.

Programming To-Do List

If you’re here to see what we came up with for our programming to-do list, here it is! Feel free to post what you came up with as well :]

  • Put a button on the screen and label it “Hit Me!”

  • When the player presses the Hit Me button the app has to show an alert popup to inform the player how well they did. Somehow you have to calculate the score and put that into this alert.

  • Put text on the screen, such as the “Score:” and “Round:” labels. Some of this text changes over time, for example the score, which increases when the player scores points.

  • Put a slider on the screen and make it go between the values 1 and 100.

  • Read the value of the slider after the user presses the Hit Me button.

  • Generate a random number at the start of each round and display it on the screen. This is the target value.

  • Compare the value of the slider to that random number and calculate a score based on how far off the player is. You show this score in the alert popup.

  • Put the Start Over button on the screen. Make it reset the score and put the player back into the first round.

  • Put the app in landscape orientation.

  • Make it look pretty. :]

Here’s a download for the project where it stands at the end of this email: (24.9 KB)

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I have divided the to four sections/rows

  1. Row #1: Contains two labels
  • [ ] First label is static and displays a simple title
  • [ ] Second label is dynamic, represent a number depending on slider value from 0…100
  1. Row #2: Contains two labels and slider
  • [ ] As a user I’m able to view two static labels with numbers 1 and 100
  • [ ] As a user I’m able to change slider and its value which reflects value in label row one
  1. Row #3: Contains a button
  • [ ] As a user I’m want to be able to press the button and see alert so that I can see result of my hit
  • [ ] As a user I want to be able to close alert so that I can continue the game
  1. Row #4: Contains four labels and two buttons
  • [ ] As a user I want to be able to press restart button so that I can restart the game
  • [ ] As a user I want to be able to see my sum of score so that I know my total score
  • [ ] As a user I wan to be able to see round number so that I know which round of the game right now
  • [ ] As a user I want to be able to press on information button so that I can read game rules in alert box

I love the fact that you broke it into user stories. That makes it so much easier to grasp what’s going on here lol. Thank you for that.


Yep, I agree, this is a great way to capture what you’re about to build, and makes a very clear checklist to follow.

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