Open Call for Video Tutorial Suggestions!

If we can use HTML5 to support the video playing, that’s such a useful function. Also, I’d like to see more videos dive deeper into game developing. :relaxed:

Hi guys, I would be interested how to get on speed with navigation around a SpriteKit game. Like how do I have to set up the Loading Screen, How is the Game Menu integrated best, How to implement Settings and how do I navigate to each of these screens?

Please make a tutorial how to create a keyboard app like Kimmoji app!

MVC - MVM - MVVM - MVVM/C - Viper

Pro/Cons of each architecture with non-trivial example of implementation.



Firebase or backendless video tutorial

Hi! Thanks for your gorgeous tutorials!

I think it is worth doing more to develop lessons for the OS X coding. This is a very urgent and a rare subject for study.


It will be helpful , if we can have a video tutorial series on Core image and image processing. Apart from filters used in pictures, it should have methods to identify various objects, texts in the image. It can also include third party frameworks / libraries like OpenCV, teserract etc.

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I would like to see a series on Fastlane.

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Something like ReactiveCocoa or RxSwift would be great, as well as MVVM and other good iOS architecture, I do want to know how to write a good app with clean architecture and style.

How about a tutorial demonstrating the kinds of accessibility features available on iOS and what developers need to do to support them? I bet a lot of people don’t even know what the available accessibility features are.

Hope that swift server side is the perfect side for the tutorial…

I just recently watched WWDC 2015 409, would be great to expand on the content of this session.

It would be fantastic to have tutorials on integration and use of Google’s new Firebase with iOS.

With the popularity of Pokemon in such a short time, it would be kind of neat to see a very basic tutorial on how to create a simple clone.

Should show more advanced topic here…Such as Internet programming …Only for reference .Kinda regards to your sharing …

How to make an app like #Prisma with the style filters.

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Can we have video tutorials on ‘How to make app like …’

I think swift tutorial series will be helpful and something
like this Swift Code Syntax : Important Cheat sheet & references for Swift programmers - Mobisoft Infotech

How about Delegation, Call backs, Notification center, KVO and signals?

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What apps specifically do you want to know how to make? We have done some like this in the past, for example How to Make a Game Like Flappy Bird.