Native app for subscriptions

Again. Thats just an indication of the new pricing. You have to only pay the price difference, which you will know after clicking on Select.

It’s not free for legacy subscriptions… can’t download in app and they off a 15% discount for existing subscribers.

No fairness here, if the full pro plan is available for existing subscribers when a) marketing campaign is awful or b) just put us on the pro plan… my guess they want more money for downloading content.

Anyone from the site, can step in on this tread and correct me

Why would I upgrade when it will cost me $8 more than what I would have to pay now (legacy)? $8 extra a month is not worth it just to be able to download content.

I can pay $8 a month and not download, or upgrade to $16 a month to download… come on now where is the logic in that?

Again, just click on that ‘Select’ button to see this popup
And let me know the upgrade cost?

Also, I think doing what I suggested is relatively simple - Here is what I suggested, a noob at CSS hence it looks ugly.

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@akashlal Thanks for the suggestion on the sidebar. Expect to see something in a near future release!

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I don’t understand how it’s unfair if you’re playing the same price as before, not losing access to any videos, and even gaining an app in the process. I think the Legacy tier is a great deal for those already subscribed. Downloading videos is not a dealbreaker for now, but it’s nice knowing that option exists if I ever wish to upgrade.

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Any plans for native MacOS app (even Catalyst-ed version would do :smiley: )
New tutorials play well, the ones recently uploaded… But old tutorials buffer too much, anyway would like to be able to download and watch in RW player inside of native MacOS app (if that is going to be launched anytime soon)

Also what about a tvOS version. I mean with SwiftUI it’s easier to build an app for all devices. :wink:

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@akashlal @warplydesigned Thank you for your suggestions - much appreciated! I will definitely forward them to the engineering team.